My experience

  • 45 years in capital markets- managing proprietary and institutional Money
  • Started at the bottom as  runner on the CBOE  Pershing 1973
  • Joined Paine Webber as VP Option positioning desk 1978
  • Joined American Stock Exchange as Independent Trader-1982
  • Joined NYSE options Exchange 1983
  • 1985-1995 lead specialist and risk manager GHM Inc 
  • Joined LETCO East Coast Partner - President Letco Specialist LP
  • 2002 Joined TD Bank Managing Director East Coast Derivatives
  • 2003 retired to RI
  • 2006 Formed Coastal Management Group LLC  Narragansett RI -RIA
  • 2006 Formed Investment Fund "Narragansett Multi-Strategy Fund llc
  • 2010 Failed Senate run District 35
  • 2012 Won Primary   United States Congress District 2 RI
  • 2014 Formed Beach Street Financial Services LLC


Boards and Commissions

2006 Narragansett Pension Board

2010 Chair Narragansett Charter Review Commission

2016 to present - Southeastern Legal Foundation  Atlanta 

2014 to present -Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Advisor Exceed Investments 2014-present

Advisor Plank Road Technologies La.



 Narragansett Multi Strategy Fund llc was formed in June 2006. It is currently closed to new investment. This serves as my track record and is not a solicitation to invest. I run this with my Partner Daniel Mintz of NYC and Eastport.

NMSF April2018.JPG